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I studied French in college but didn't really get to practice using it until almost 10 years later. On my first trip to Provence I became enchanted with the area and became determined to figure out a way to visit every year.

I started selling lavender bouquets and lavender soap at our local Farmer's Market in Lincoln, and selling through some local friends with a e-commerce herb farm.

I sent out samples to several catalogs, and heard back from one that loved our lavender wreath. We sold several thousands of wreaths that year, and although the business continues to change and grow and the challenges keep coming, I have always felt fortunate to have the chance to do what I love.

I now visit France 2-3 times a year to choose new products and organize the annual shipment of lavender. The best part has been discovering my favorite markets, flea markets and restaurants, studying the culture and becoming friends with so many of the vendors and artists.

Taking the children over in the summer has added yet another dimension as they are also making friends and discovering another way of life.

In 2010 I moved the business to Washington DC. We are also now taking 2 annual summer trips with small groups to see the lavender fields, shop the markets and share that joie de vivre that I experienced years ago. We always go the last week of June and the first week of July when the lavender is at it's peak.


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