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January 02, 2010



I am visiting France next week and would like to know where the best Lavender fields can be found

Beth Vosoba


If you are visiting next week, I think you should see lovely fields up around Sault. I am close to Orange and they are perfect here. I was around Sault yesterday and they are almost there....harvesting in a week or so. Bon voyage.



that looks just L O V E L Y..! i dream to visit that place one day too..to sit on the terrance in the evenings, with my friends, sharing a coup of wine or smth..it would be great.

Beth Vosoba


We still have 2 rooms available for our lavender tour this summer. We would love to have you be a part of our group.



Dear Sir,
I will go to Provence from 4th August to 8th August, and we want to join a lavender tour. Can we still see lavender on these days? Where should we go? Do you have any suggestions? Where can we find the best lavender fields? What kinds of lavender products should I buy? Where can I buy them?

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